Extremely rare, handpicked, organically farmed, olive oil from Renato Fenocchio

Farmstead Wines exclusively imports rare, artisan wines that are naturally farmed and handcrafted on small farms. When I first tasted Renato’s olive oil, I was astounded. As a chef, I had tasted a lot of olive oil, but none so rich, buttery and pure. I had to bring their oil to North America. Other top chefs and restauranteurs agree- Angus An at Gastropod, Jeremie Bastien at Boneta, Kurtis Kolt at Salt, Melissa Craig at Bearfoot Bistro, Sam Kass at Inevitable Table and Andrey Durbach is using it to finish dishes at all three of his restaurants, Parkside, La Buca and Pied a Terre.

The Globe and Mail writes about Renato’s olive oil, “Every so often, you come across a taste that can elicit nothing other than “wow.”

Order yours today at $45 for a 750ml bottle. We ship anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

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