Marc Tempe

Alliance 2003  A field blend of Pinot Blanc, Riesling and Sylvaner. Amazing for under $25. Goldilocks acidity with wonderful floral and spice notes.

Pinot Gris Zellenberg 2003
Floral and stonefruit notes with perfect Pinot Gris spiciness and balanced acidity. Smells sweet, but finishes dry.

Gewurtztraminer Zellenburg 2005 Very supple and spicy with vibrant rose petal notes. This wine will turned me into a gewurztraminer fan- it finesses the line between floral and spice perfectly with bright acidity.

Pinot Gris Zellenberg Vielle Vignes 2005 Drinks like a wine of twice the price. Bottled in August 2007 without filtration. Stonefruit, spice, vanilla, & integrated wood notes with great minerality in an amazingly rich wine.

Pinot Noir Altenbourg 2004 Over 50 year-old vines. Fermented and aged in Burgundy barriques for 18 months. Bright strawberry-cherry action and a hint of wet hay. Good acidity, smooth overall. A bit of reduction on the nose from sur-lie fermentation and aging- opens nicely when decanted or allowed to breathe.

Riesling Grafenreben 2003  I am amazed at how long it took to make this wine. Fermentation alone lasted 20 months! A total of 3 years in barrique has contributed integrated wood notes, but this is fantastically complex. Rich, smooth with toasted hazelnut and petrol high notes and a mineralic backbone. Supple tannins- ageworthy. May have hints of bubbles.

Riesling Burgreben 2003 Fermented and aged in 5500 liter oak tanks and spent 2 years sur lie. Big stonefruit (peach and apricot). Supple and spicy with great length. Do not be alarmed- this is natural wine at its finest- bottled without filtration!

Rodelsberg 2004 Rodelsberg is a plateau just above the grand cru vineyard, Mambourg. The soil is limestone with heaps of iron, making the soil a very deep red. A traditional field blend of gewurztraminer and pinot gris fermented in 350 liter oak barrels. Fruit and roses with minerality, fantastic length and complexity and vibrant acidity.

Pinot Gris Grand Cru  Schoenenbourg 2001 Jurgen Gothe, Georgia Straight, writes, " The most amazing wine of this first Farmstead tasting has to be an Alsatian Pinot Gris, which will totally turn your head around about Pinot Gris of the past. Marc Tempé Schoenenbourg Pinot Gris 2001 ($62.95) will most likely be (a) the oldest PG you’ve tasted, and (b) the costliest. Here is rich, unctuous, huge, stunning fruit, making the wine taste and feel a lot like a late-harvest wine. It certainly is not a dinner wine as we know it, Jim—like, the choucroute probably couldn’t handle it—but it would make a sensational stand-alone or even after-dinner wine. You can feel the manifesto off the back label come to life: “delicious, hand-made, free of chemicals and pesticides, full of love”. It ranks high on my ever-evolving, decades-long list of the most amazing wines I’ve tasted. A cellar keeper, I’m sure it would maintain its luxuriant texture and taste for another five or six years."

Pinot Gris Zellenberg Vendanges Tardives 2005 A rich Pinot Gris from 35 year old vines, with sumptuous stonefruits, spice, and sweet vanilla dancing gracefully accompanied by refreshing minerality. Great length and delicate botrytis notes. Bottled in September 2007 after 2 years sur lie.

Riesling Grand Cru Mambourg 2000  Just for the record, Marc doesn’t usually sell his Mambourg wines. He saves them for himself. We managed to convince him to part with 10 cases. Rich and supple with notes of caramel and banana underlined by hints of petrol and bracing minerality. Amazing structure.

Pinot Gris Grand Cru Furstentum Vendanges Tardives 2001  Great richness and minerality with spicy hazelnuts and fantastic persistence.

Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Mambourg "S-parcel" Vendanges Tardives 2003 According to the Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia, "The reputation of this cru has been documented since 783…Its vineyards, supposedly the warmest in Alsace, produce wines that tend to be rich and warm, mellow and liquorous." A bit stodgy, but accurate. At first sip, I thought "Honeybees living in a rosegarden sipped from a stone chalice." Bottled without filtration in 2007 after aging for four years in barriques.

Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Mambourg "S-parcel" Vendanges Tardives 2001  Also from the famed Steinigerweg parcel (planted in the 1930s) of Mambourg, from a more demure vintage than the 2003 (yes the 03 is delicious, but a little slutty). Wonderful botrytis notes and bright acidity combine for a perfectly balanced sweetness with notes of honey and toasted hazelnuts. Fantastic length and complexity with the structure to age for a long time.